Monday, 18 March 2013

Buying Useless Things

. Confessions time. This week, I broke the no-buy rule.

But, it's for work for work! As part of an activity for a school camp, I am to prepare for a costume (how fun right?).  The character is Daisy Duck. So as preparation for these "work" clothes, I went and bought a pink headband, a pair of orange tights, and then some...

When I was browsing the tights section at the Daily Soxer, I told myself: socks are kind of "necessities", and for 6 months it'll be too much to walk around with holes in your sock and showing your big toe to everyone, so I let myself off a hook a little: can buy socks, tights or underwear (yeah!! Gave self a little high five!)

As I spent a day shopping, I realized that somehow my bags got heavier and heavier, and my wallet got lighter and lighter. And before I know it, I've created a disaster. 

I bought: orange tights (for Daisy), yellow leggings (to change into since the camp is 3 days long), pink headband (for Daisy), pink leggings to match this light grey skirt, which has nothing to do with Daisy (ok so this is where I went wrong!), white leggings (also for the skirt), a pair of yellow socks, a pair of orange socks,  a pair of purples undies, and another pair of purple undies in a similar but less purply shade of purple. Not in that order in particular. It sounds like a lot now, but when I bought them, I failed to notice it at all. It was all stuff you wear on the inside. I didn't even buy any "real" clothes. Then, what gives? Why did my wallet mysteriously get so light?

To make sense of things, I made this chart. I've coloured coded the things that I need vs don't need.

Huh... so that's what happened. Now I'm not sure if I should have made this chart. Do better next time, OK!

In another note, I visited the 2013 VOCA exhibitions (which was awesome, btw!) my favourite was the painting Reflection of a Closet by Sato Midori. It's so rich. I feel like she's saying, you could have so much clothes, but in reflection, it's just a blur that mean nothing.  

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