Friday, 5 April 2013

Sneakers Crave

It's been exactly 50 days since I've started this 6 months no-buy clothes ban, and I can officially feel that the hardship had begun. What seemed last month like fun lil test that I'll finish with flying colours now seem like a slew of never-ending end of term exams.

It almost feels like a curse that in Japan, every major train station is filled with super posh stores. For example, in Omiya where I'm close to, there is Nano Universe, United Arrows Beauty & Youth, and Kate Spade all within 10 metres proximity of eachother. Yet, I can't buy anything at all. Instead of wearing anything interesting, I'm wearing the same clothes day in and out. I feel like a hungry dog walking in a field of juicy meaty meat sticks, but somehow have horrible jaw-dislocation and can't bite anything, so I'm forced to drink the same nutrition smoothie everyday. Oh and, I forgot to mention that everyone in the station is very stylish and posh, sporting the latest garments from possibly the above mentioned stores.   Everyone be enjoying their juicy meat sticks while I'm drooling in my dislocated jaw, looking at them with eyes of wanton.

These days, it seems that all the gal's got a pair of sneakers, especially popular are the running shoes kind like the ones my imaginary self is sporting in the above illustration. Hey, I can't have a real meat stick, I can at least dream, right?

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