Monday, 11 March 2013

easy financial management

Today's craving:
easy jeans.

It seems just so cute and comfy, and well, easy!

Boy I wish financial management can also be that easy.

Uniqlo is making their own brand of stretch jeans, there's this suberb cute commercial on TV now, and that temptation isn't helping this shopaholic control her addiction. What gives? It's like a fat person going on a diet and all there is on TV is frenchfries and hamburgers.

So I roped my boyfriend into reminding me not to buy anything.

For every reasonable/logical reminder, such as "You already have so many, why do you think you need one more" I swiftly shot back with a comeback, like
"You know, just to have. Like you know how some days you just wanna wear an orange shirt."
"Okay but I already have an orange shirt, and you have jeans."
"Yeah but do you have an 'easy' orange shirt?"

These jeans are a basic, so that means it can be kept forever, right? I mean, just the fact that it is a "basic" means it can be used over and over, right? It's not like I'm throwing my money into a rainbow-coloured skirt made of candies.  These pants seem to be saying "hey, you're gonna buy us and you're gonna wear us for years"
I do believe that style is wearing something consistently, in different ways, rather than buying and tossing things out all the time. Right now, I find myself feeling more comfortable in skirts most of the time, but when I see everyone else wearing skinny jeans, I think "Hey, why can't I wear them too?" The question is, are those jeans really for me or not?

In 6 months, I'll see.

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