Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hello ladies and gentlemen, sorry about the long absence.

In spite of having a fairly well-payed job for a year and a half, I managed to save almost next to nothing.

It is one thing to just be poor, but it's another story when you have a good job and you still end up broke! Actually, that's when you can tell this person's got real money problems. It's like, if you got only one sausage for breakfast, and you ate it all, it's not really your fault 'cause you're just hungry. But if you got like, five sausages and you still eat them all, girl you got a problem.

Technically speaking, I am not exactly broke, I did manage to save a meager amount, the equivalent of half a sausage. Which I rejoiced in small moments of celebration for the flashes of self control, the reality is that it is almost next to nonexistence in the grand scheme of things. So, I have decided to take up the challenge again, and this time, take it to the next level. I am not going to buy anything for the next six months.

I actually started this challenge last month on Valentine's Day. I took a little trip recently to Hawaii, so I broke the challenge for three days. I bought three things in Hawaii.

- A kind of sort of Hawaiian shirt. $18. Actually discovered by my boyfriend. It was made in the sixties, I like that the fabric still retained its' vibrant colours and the print is so cute.

- Marble necklace from the sixties. $12. from the same vintage store as the shirt. Found in Chinatown, Honolulu.

- Skeleton Jesus necklace. $10. I'm not sure what I'll wear that with or if I am going to wear it at all, but I liked it so much not to get. (maybe a waste)

- the shell necklace was a give-away (gotta love them free stuff)

If you ever go to Honolulu, I highly recommend China Town, not exactly a luxurious place with beaches and palm trees and beautiful people, but the buildings are filled with history and wonder, and in the midst of all the ghetto, it's a gathering place for a lot of great artists and has a lively music scene.Not to mention, a few wonderful thrift stores.

I've also decided to make an illustration of the things that I am lusting after. I want to update at a weekly basis, so, I will do my best : ). you can expect some illustrations in the next post.

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